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Distributed Sensing Technologies

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Distributed Air Quality Monitoring Sensors

ObservAir Series

Our modular, network-ready air quality sensors enable accurate and convenient air quality monitoring at any scale.

  • Black Carbon Aerosol 

  • Gaseous Pollutants (CO, NO2, SO2, Ozone, and More)

  • Flexible Connectivity (WiFi, LTE, or LoRa)

  • Instant Data Access on Your Phone and Browser


​The ObservAir is tough, portable, and always connected. Deploy anywhere and instantly monitor harmful air pollutants with confidence.

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Air Quality Sensing that Configures to Your Needs

Ambient Monitoring Networks

Real-time air quality data to inform and protect your community 

DST AQ Monitor

Pick Your Settings and Deploy Anywhere

The ObservAir flexibly monitors up to three air pollutants at once. 

Air Pollutant Sensing Technology
Black Carbon Smoke from Wildfires


Use our black carbon monitor to track combustion emissions using our patented aerosol absorption photometer.

Our black carbon sensing equipment allows you to accurately measure and monitor BC; the light-absorbing portion of particulate matter pollution emitted during the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels or biomass.  To learn more about our air quality measuring device, contact us today.

Swirling Gaseous Pollutants


Add up to 2 optional gas sensors to enhance your application.

Available Gas Sensors:

CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, O3


Our ObservAir air monitoring equipment uses interchangeable electrochemical cells to monitor ozone, nitrous dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and other toxic gases whose elevated atmospheric concentrations are harmful to human health and the environment. 

Integrated Data


ObservAir comes standard with: 

: Wireless WiFi

:16 Gb Storage 

:Standard Serial 


+ One optional module 


What Makes the ObservAir Different

Proprietary aerosol photometer design delivers lab-grade black carbon measurements in a small and robust package.


Accuracy Anywhere




Patented ObservAir Air Quality Sensor Technology

Each ObservAir comes with a zero-calibration sheet and environmental compensation algorithms pre-loaded. 

Using our patented design features and methods, each ObservAir is trained to maintain accuracy in harsh operating environments. 

ObservAir Functional Diagram
Aerosol Photometer Carbon Measurements

Proprietary aerosol photometer design delivers lab-grade black carbon measurements in a small and robust package.

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