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About Us

About Us
Polluted Air & City Smog
Electrical Engineer Creating Custom AQ Monitoring Software

Distributed Sensing Technologies (DSTech) was founded in 2019 to address today’s air pollution crisis. Chronic exposure to harmful air pollution is a leading health threat that affects 90% of the world’s population and yet remains largely invisible: Accurate air quality (AQ) monitoring is often restricted to research labs and regulatory settings with the requisite funds and expertise. At DSTech, our mission is to develop next-generation scientific instrumentation, tools, and services that break down this barrier. We believe that access to clean air is a universal right that can only be safeguarded through widespread, affordable, and timely access to high-quality air pollution measurements. As such, all of our lab-grade air quality sensors are easily operated anywhere, provide data instantly, and never sacrifice performance. Ultimately, our business is to provide trustworthy, actionable AQ data that informs and inspires public policy to protect the air we share.

DSTech was founded by dedicated engineers with years of experience leading and facilitating cutting-edge AQ monitoring projects. We work with leading scientific research organizations around the world to validate our environment monitoring products in diverse applications and continue pushing technological boundaries. Our innovations are patented or patent-pending and research is a core part of the business. DSTech also consults on a wide variety of air quality monitoring projects and initiatives. DSTech is based in Orinda, California and all of our air sampling products are designed, developed, and assembled locally. 

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Please contact us for quotes, technical support, and general inquiries at or using the form below. Our address is: 

Distributed Sensing Technologies

588 Spring Street

Richmond, CA 94804

Phone: +1 (925) 378 3537

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