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Air Quality Monitors

You might find it surprising to learn that the air in your home or business might be harmful to your health, even though it smells fresh.

That’s because dangerous gases like carbon monoxide and radon – the largest cause of lung cancer outside smoking and industrial pollution – have no odor or color. Even when these gases are present in the atmosphere, the air is clean and breathable to the human eyes. That’s why every home and business needs air quality monitors to take air samples in order to protect their families and employees.

Beyond detecting the presence of harmful colorless and odorless gases, most AQ monitors detect and measure the levels of ozone, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and more.

While you can eliminate pollution using purifiers and with adequate ventilation, an air quality monitor helps identify the exact gaseous pollutants and particles you should remove or reduce.

If you're seeking AQ sensors, meters, detectors, or analyzers for an air quality monitoring station, ObservAir can help. Contact us today to learn more about our air monitor equipment solutions.

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