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ObservAir Series

All ObservAir units are centered around our patented aerosol absorption photometer to monitor black carbon pollution. Particulate matter is collected on a disposable filter tab that must be replaced every ~2 to 20 days (filter life depends on the sensor configuration and sampling conditions - see here).


Each ObservAir carbon analyzer comes standard with:

  • Black carbon sensor 

  • WiFi/Bluetooth/USB communications

  • Relative humidity and temperature sensor 

  • 16 Gb SD card + MicroUSB cable + Charger

  • Magnetic dust and moisture cover 

  • 10 replacement filter tabs 


Optionally, the ObservAir includes up to two gas sensors with available options including O3 (ozone monitors), NO (nitric oxide monitors), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide monitors), SO2 (sulfur dioxide monitors), CO (carbon monoxide monitors), and H2S (hydrogen sulfide monitors). Other ObservAir options include a wireless communication module and GPS to fit your AQ application. For more details about our air quality measuring device, seebelow. 

Technical Overview

ObservAir Monitoring System Technical Specifications
Black Carbon Instrument



Outdoor Enclosure with Active Ventilation

DST outdoor enclosure

Our durable Outdoor Enclosure is designed for outdoor deployments in any environment. This weather-sealed, insulated enclosure ensures optimal performance and features active ventilation for cooling, as well as insulation to maintain ideal working temperatures in all conditions. Suitable for various environments, it includes an ambient relative humidity and temperature sensor, with optional integration of a PM sensor (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4, and PM10). The unit is powered by any 12V source, it's also compatible with our solar power kit. 


Solar Power Kit

Our Solar Panel Kit is designed to provide a reliable power solution for your ObservAir system. Our kit includes a universal mount, enabling easy installation in any location. With a backup battery system incorporated, the kit ensures continuous power even during periods of limited sunlight. Tailored to your deployment climate, our Solar Panel Kit offers the flexibility of a single panel or an optional dual-panel configuration for optimal energy generation.

Solar Panel system.PNG

Replacement Filter Tabs

Filter replacement is a breeze!

The ObservAir's aerosol absorption photometer collects particulate matter on disposable filter tabs that only cost $1 USD each and take < 30 seconds to swap out. Filters must be replaced every ~2 to 20 days, depending on the average black carbon concentration sampled and flow rate setting. Filter life is shown here for various settings and applications. The ObservAir manual has instructions for setting sample flow rate to maximize the carbon analyzer's air filter life. 

Air Quality Instrumentation

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Need to measure more? We can customize the ObservAir carbon analyzer to fit your unique application. We can add nearly any digital sensor to our modular platform, including weather stations, additional AQ sensors, accelerometers, and more. All data is processed/logged onboard using a powerful microprocessor, and sent wirelessly to our mobile app and PC dashboard services where it can be accessed in real-time. In effect, the ObservAir can serve as a turn-key, wireless sensing 'hub'  around which to develop your specific environmental monitoring platform. We also produce custom black carbon instrument enclosures, remote power solutions, and data processing software. 

Custom ObservAir with Particulate Matter (PM) sensor

Carbon Analyzer
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