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Sensing Technologies


In today’s world, sensing technologies play a vital role across various industries, from process monitoring and control in plants to detection and diagnosis in health.

Air Monitoring Sensing Technologies

In a world threatened by rising air pollution, sensing technologies that make air quality monitoring easier and more accessible are needed more than ever before. Thankfully, a range of air quality sensors using IoT to collect and share pollution levels are now widely available, helping to accelerate pollution reduction.

Some of the innovations in air monitoring sensing technologies are DST’s ObservAir® Series that provides accurate and convenient air sample monitoring and real-time AQ reporting at any scale.

Features of the ObservAir® Series

  • Monitoring and reporting of black carbon aerosol and gaseous pollutants, including CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, ozone, and more. 

  • Tough, portable, and easy to deploy anywhere.

  • Patented design features and methods to ensure accuracy in all weather conditions.

  • Designed in collaboration with leading scientists to conform to the highest standards.

  • Can be mounted on vehicles for real-time mobile air sample monitoring.

  • Flexible connectivity with WiFi, LTE, LoRa, and more. 

  • It comes with 16GB of storage space for saving data.

  • It can be customized for your unique needs.

Pick Your Configuration Today

At DST, we are at the forefront of developing innovative air monitor devices and black carbon analyzers, using our expertise to help you attain optimal health, save money, and achieve environmental compliance. Whether you want the standard ObservAir® or a more customized solution, you get quality, accurate, real-time air sample monitoring no matter what. Pick a configuration for your air quality monitor station and get a quote today.

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