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Scientists Studying Air Quality Measurements

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Air quality (AQ) monitoring requires diverse teams with broad skillsets. Successful initiatives seamlessly integrate atmospheric science, instrumentation design, public health/policy, and data engineering to generate accurate, accessible, and actionable datasets. At DSTech, we have the engineering knowledge and scientific expertise to 

enable and facilitate your AQ monitoring application at nearly any stage, from design to publication. 


  • AQ study design, analysis, and evaluation

  • Hardware design, integration, and validation

  • Real-time data analysis and publication solutions

  • Wireless network integration and management

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Air Quality Monitoring Services

Past Projects

Past Projects

Wood Heater Design: Test Methods for Innovation

Residential wood heaters emit > 30% of particulate matter (PM) pollution in the US. Manufacturers are developing cleaner heaters to reduce their impact, but standard testing procedures to validate these efforts are costly and complex.  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and Brookhaven National Laboratory are developing simplified test methods that better characterize wood heater performance under real operating conditions, and allow manufacturers to rapidly validate and improve their designs. DSTech has supported LBNL's efforts: 

  • Design and fabrication of heater testing facility

  • Integration of emissions sampling equipment

  • Development of emissions testing protocols and procedures

  • Publication of peer-reviewed research

Black Carbon Monitoring Lab
Black Carbon Monitoring System

Biomass heater testing facility at LBNL

Web Development: Sharing AQ Data with Stakeholders 

Black Carbon Monitoring Network

Animated BC concentrations shown on map and time series at various timebases (e.g., hourly or daily average values).

In 2017, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) partnered with UC Berkeley to develop the 100x100 Black Carbon Network. 100 black carbon (BC) sensors were deployed throughout West Oakland, California for 100 days to monitor combustion emissions (e.g., from diesel trucks) in the mixed residential/industrial neighborhood. To share the results of this study with the local community, policymakers, and other stakeholders, DSTech developed a web dashboard that displays the data collected by our black carbon monitors during the study in an accessible and comprehensive manner. For example, air pollution trends are illustrated over time using animations of the BC concentration data. 

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